New Apk Files φClover Memo v1.19.30

Posted by Andrew W Briscoe on Sunday, October 6, 2013
Clover Memo v1.19.30

New Apk Files φClover Memo v1.19.30: Android 2.1+

New Apk Files φClover Memo v1.19.30: Clover Memo memo pad application be used handwritten notes /speed-sensitive high-quality drawings . Choose from a large library , !

If a stylus, please start Gallery > Stylus > Calibration.

cursor offset finger (Settings available > Stylus: set -handed )


- A wide assortment , suitable-quality detail work !

- Make perfect brush own touch

- Pressure-sensitive drawing button support (e.g. Galaxy Note S-Pen, etc)

- Infinite undo/redo limited device memory

- Infinite-exp fixed canvas sizing (For best results, don't exceed double 's screen resolution)

- Eyedropper tool

- Standard drawing tools, palette settings colours access

- Transform, resize images


- Go > Options

- Customisable Clover interface - place hotkeys shortcuts wherever

- Set alpha/flow/colour circle appearance per-brush basis

- Pinch out

- Free rotate - press two fingers screen

- Screen in New Apk Files φClover Memo v1.19.30

- Customise : Color, pattern, size, toggle BG zoom on/off

- Change frame colour


- T layers; layer image layer that

switch between. Draw outlines layer,, and

colour other. Choose between different blending options such as

add, multiply, overlay -- more

- Other layer functions: Paint over opacity adjustment, merge

layer image layer, invert, inher


- Android 2.1

- Two points -touch

- Outside SD card


highly recommended click drag from button button

t work Independent JPEG Group

What's new New Apk Files φClover Memo v1.19.30 :

2013/06/30 1.19.5

- Supported HEX3 Jaja Stylus

(Need a plug-in. able from play)



Download : New Apk Files φClover Memo v1.19.30:

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