New Apk Files φPocket Girlfriend v1.38

Posted by Andrew W Briscoe on Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Pocket Girlfriend v1.38

New Apk Files φPocket Girlfriend v1.38: 2.2

New Apk Files φPocket Girlfriend v1.38:, erotic, hot & sexy girl avatar recognition pocket.

⚠⚠ WARNING ⚠⚠ Pocket Girlfriend 17+ being so damn hot.


Experience INTERACTIVE ADULTS today. She’s , erotic, hot, & sexy virtual girl avatar recognition pocket.

NO STILL PHOTOS HERE. Unlike other New Apk Files φPocket Girlfriend v1.38 offer some random image gallery naked Japanese anime girls, quasi porn platinum blond hentai bombshells, assortment nude Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Alba wallpaper pics; Pocket Girlfriend moves, she’s interactive, importantly she’s real.

YES SHE’S REAL! movie clips actual live hottie; outfits, poses, exclusively entertainment. She’s 3D rendered manga mannequin. She’s a naughty cleaver talking virtual lover who’ll make a great illusion / girlfriend.

★★ KEY FEATURES ★★★★★★★★★★

❶ She Talks to You..... she say hilarious! Hundreds of funny one liners guy loves , but no sane girl would ever utter.

❝ I’ve decided myself a boob job, how big do them? ❞

❝ Say, let’s go down mall so check out women’s asses. ❞

❝ a great fart, do another one! ❞

❝ Bar food again kick ass! ❞

❝ Foreplay a waste . ❞

❝ girl office real beauty stripper too! I’ve invited her over. ❞

❝ I liked even ours, -girlfriend. ❞

❝ If we’re sex, then me watch football. ❞

❷ She’s Hot, Really Hot..... that’s a feature.☺

❸ She Listens ..... Ask her any question ’ll respond . She’s smart try her very best what you’ll want to hear.

❹ She’s Animated..... She engages shows assets. Zoom any part different perspective.

❺ She’s Interactive..... She’ll even miss you’re gone. She’s accelerometer aware. Shake her. Touch her.

❻ She’s Customizable..... Easily create phrases using our sophisticated text technology. Just type out whatever her 'll say a lovely female voice.

Additionally, assign these phrases categories; Intro, Shake, Touch, Talk, . So fun! Shock know.

★★ TIPS & TRICKS ★★★★★★★★★★

Ask her ❝ What name? ❞

Ask her ❝ a vegetarian? ❞

Ask her ❝ go ? ❞

Ask her ❝ Am I being a chauvinist? ❞

EXTRA BONUS: If ’s / girlfriend’s name she’ll few special phrases just.


lame updates but MAJOR NEW FEATURES be continuously added. She’ll grow just like a real woman.

We're already hard next update Girlfriend, a proud owner entitled update for free. updates expect new groundbreaking New Apk Files φPocket Girlfriend v1.38 that .

★★ FROM YOU ★★

We encourage give us us . know, one ideas could end it's way in next update.

Write . things Pocket Girlfriend.

Oh keep ratings coming ’ll continue adding exciting new free New Apk Files φPocket Girlfriend v1.38 Girlfriend.


Requires a WiFi connection .

Make sure least 100 mb available.

Voice Recognition & Text both require connection .

What's New

Added three new girls; a blond German bombshell, Hawaiian, enchanting Indian. updates.


New Apk Files φPocket Girlfriend v1.38:

Download : New Apk Files φPocket Girlfriend v1.38 Instructions:

Mirror New Apk Files φPocket Girlfriend v1.38:

Install APK

Copy 'com.atrium.view' folder to /sdcard/Android/obb

Launch Girlfriend

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